7 Best-Selling Landscaping Rock Types in 2022

There are hundreds of different landscaping rocks, so choosing the right type for your residential or commercial projects can be a daunting task. Below, you can learn more about the seven best-selling landscaping rock types in 2022 and how each one can bring your landscaping vision to fruition...

November 1, 2022

1 ½” Round Rock

When it comes to river rock, 1 ½” round rock is by far one of the most popular landscaping rocks of all 2022. It is hard, durable, and well-graded, so it will suit virtually any application very well. These colorful rocks have distinct hues of brown and red, and the addition of some blue and gray creates a speckled effect that adds interest, especially when used in place of mulch for flowerbeds.

¾” Round Rock

The ¾” round rock is a smaller alternative to the 1 ½” round rock, and it offers many of the same characteristics. If you love the look of the 1 ½” round but you find that it’s just too big for your application, the ¾” round is a fantastic alternative. It is also available in browns and reds with a bit of blue and gray sprinkled throughout.

¼” – 0 Crushed Rock

If you are interested in creating a walkway or a path for rolling carts, it’s hard to go wrong with ¼”-0 crushed rock. It has been very finely crushed, so it is ideal for compacting into walkways or paths. It maintains a brown to gray color, which is a perfect, natural neutral that works well for virtually any home or business.

⅜” Pea Gravel

Pea gravel has always been a favorite among homeowners thanks to its incredible versatility. It can be used as a base under a shed, as a decorative rock cover for flowerbeds, or even in walkways and driveways. Many homeowners find that mixing it with cement creates a beautiful textured concrete that suits their exterior decor quite well.

Cobble & Streambed Material

Cobble and streambed round rocks range from 4” to 12” in size, and they have been incredibly popular for river and stream restoration projects. Of course, there are plenty of other opportunities to use cobblestone in your yard, whether you are interested in building a patio, a walkway, or even a wall. You can also form your own dry stream bed to create beautiful, natural interest in your landscape.

¾” Open

Home and business owners who are looking for rock that will provide a good-looking driveway or pathway in areas where drainage is a concern will find ¾” open rock a phenomenal option. Its non-tracking surface is extremely durable, but it does not contain fines, so it should not be used for structural projects.

Black ½” – 0

The demand for black ½”-0 rock continues to climb, and for good reason. This small, black rock offers plenty of aesthetic appeal, and it’s versatile enough for use in myriad projects around the home or office. It’s great for lining flowerbeds in front, side, and backyards, and it’s also a fantastic choice for use with water features.

Landscaping rock is available in all these sizes and colors plus many others, so no matter what sort of aesthetic appeal you want for your home or business, they can certainly add to the look. From size to shape and even color, landscaping rocks can serve as the main feature or a finishing touch for projects of all sizes. Having sold these materials to countless customers, RiverBend Materials can get you the right product, for the right job, at the right price, every time. Give us a call or request a quote today!