Gravel Driveway Makeover: 3 Tips for Updating Your Summer Curb Appeal

August 10, 2023

Many homeowners find themselves yearning to rejuvenate their homes’ exteriors. While there are countless ways to improve your property, enhancing your gravel driveway presents an opportunity to substantially elevate your summer curb appeal.

At RiverBend Materials, we are passionate about sharing insights into creating visually appealing, functional spaces. Here are three vital tips to execute a stunning gravel driveway makeover.


  1. Making a Mark with the Right Gravel

Gravel is incredibly diverse, boasting a broad palette of colors, textures, and sizes. Selecting the ideal gravel for your driveway can dramatically alter your property’s aesthetic.

For a classic, time-honored look, grey crushed stone is a favorite. Conversely, those who desire a warm, welcoming driveway might gravitate toward the gentle earth tones of pea gravel. Homeowners looking for a luxurious, chic finish might find white marble chips or decomposed granite appealing. Remember, the chosen gravel should harmonize with your house and landscape, forming a unified visual narrative.


  1. Expert Installation and Maintenance

The installation and upkeep of your gravel driveway are pivotal in not only retaining its allure but also prolonging its lifespan. Start by clearing any weeds and leveling the ground to ensure efficient water runoff. We recommend placing a durable landscape fabric to deter weed growth, followed by a base layer of larger crushed stone to guarantee stability and adequate drainage.

The final layer of decorative gravel should be approximately 3 to 6 inches deep, depending on the gravel size. Regular maintenance, including raking the driveway to maintain a level surface and promptly filling any potholes, keeps your driveway in top shape and enhances its aesthetic appeal.


  1. Defining with Driveway Borders

Incorporating borders around your driveway serves a dual purpose – it keeps the gravel in place and provides an appealing, distinct edge. The border material is a matter of personal preference; options range from large rocks to brick pavers or sleek steel edging.

The border can echo the colors of your house for a harmonious look, or a contrasting shade can create a striking visual effect. For curved driveways, flexible materials like steel edging or small river rocks offer a practical solution. Importantly, the border should be securely installed to withstand time and elements.

Obviously, enhancing your gravel driveway isn’t merely about aesthetics. It’s a practical and rewarding investment that can substantially boost your home’s summer curb appeal. Implementing these three tips transforms your driveway into a feature that augments your property’s beauty and functionality.


At RiverBend Materials, we stand ready to assist you in selecting the perfect materials to realize your vision. Our team is here to answer your questions and support you in creating a beautiful, functional driveway that amplifies your curb appeal this summer. Let’s work together to turn your driveway into an enticing introduction to your home.