Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Commercial Asphalt Pavement

As a business that maintains a physical property, there are few things that communicate professionalism more than well-maintained asphalt pavement. It shows care for your employees and customers, and aside from the visual appeal, it contributes to the health and well-being of anything that drives on it...

September 26, 2022


But how do you care for commercial asphalt pavement so that it stays in great shape? In our experience, there are some high-impact activities that you can focus on to keep things structurally and aesthetically sound.

Routine Visual Maintenance

Simply put, make a habit of looking at your pavement on a regular basis. Schedule time to walk your property and look for issues. Some of the costliest pavement problems we’ve come across could have been avoided with regular inspections. Obviously, you must act on those inspections, but you can’t act if you don’t know that there’s a problem.

Fill and Seal Cracks

Cracks in your asphalt pavement are inevitable over time. The shifting of the ground, freezing and thawing, high traffic, plowing, salting – it all contributes. The key here is to act immediately when cracks are small and inconsequential. Untreated, those small cracks can become big problems. To address them, make a call to Interstate Concrete & Asphalt and we’ll get you set up with a solution to get those cracks filled and sealed to avoid future issues.

Remove Vehicle Fluids

In a perfect world, you’d never have to worry about vehicles leaking fluids on your asphalt covering, but it happens nonetheless. The reality is, this is something that most business owners pay very little attention to. Petroleum-based products tend to be attracted to one another. That means fluids spilled on your asphalt begin to corrode your sealants, allowing bonds in your asphalt to break down. Absorbing spills right away is key, and then you can contact your asphalt contractor. They’ll have access to special cleaners that they can use to clean off the surface of your pavement.

Address Water Pooling

Standing water, especially over time, is never a good thing for your asphalt pavement. It hides damage, creates slipping hazards, and injects dirt and debris into the asphalt as it breaks down. Although proper water drainage is something that’s often addressed prior to paving surfaces, if you notice gutters or natural low spots that are directing and collecting water on your pavement, then it’s time to call a pro. Rerouting gutters or installing adequate drains will save you time and money on asphalt pavement repairs in the long run.

Sealcoat Every Few Years

Just like you might wax your car or place a new coat of sealant on your deck at home, commercial asphalt pavement needs something similar. As an asphalt pavement contractor, we recommend the professional application of a quality sealcoat product every three to five years to prolong the asphalt’s life. As is the case with most maintenance, the cost of sealcoat is negligible in comparison to major replacement efforts.

Does your business or workplace have commercial asphalt pavement that needs to be repaired or replaced? Maybe you’re concerned about issues you’ve found that you want a professional to assess? Regardless of how big or small the project is, we’ve likely got a solution. Let us know how we can help!