Aggregates January 7, 2021
Hayward Field Renovation April 27, 2021

After bringing down the historic University of Oregon Hayward Field complex. The new world class Hayward Field Track and Field facility took it’s place just in time for the 2021 Summer Trials.

South Willamette Street Enhancements April 23, 2021

South Willamette Street project started summer of 2020 with utility relocations and ground work. Beginning February of 2021, the bulk of the road work has begun. We have 4000 + CY of concrete paving yet to come as well as pedestrian improvements (walks and ADA ramps). This project is a very high priority for City of Eugene and will be completed by Fall 2021

Prairie Road Paving March 15, 2021

Remove old roadway surface and replace it with new. New ADA Ramps and Storm drainage. New stripping.

CDG Broadway Eugene Student Housing

We started this 12 Story High Rise Student Housing with JHC and Baker in early February 2021. We have placed nearly 8000 CY’s in mass concrete and are starting on the vertical concrete. This project will have 12 stories of post tension concrete decks/slabs and will likely be complete by fall of 2022.

Oak Hill Drama Center

Site work for New Drama Center for the school. Excavate for foundations, building, outdoor seating area, site concrete, landscaping

Marquis Memory Center

Retirement Community with Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility, Community Center and Apts. 

Highway 58 March 13, 2021

6 miles of new highway. Removed 3″ old and replace with 3″ of new asphalt
26,000 tons of asphalt
New ADA Ramps and sidewalk in Pleasant Hill
New striping, shoulder rock, guardrail & signage

Greystar Eugene West University Student Housing March 12, 2021

We are pleased to be partnering with Marion Construction for this high-rise student housing building on the University of Oregon Campus. Construction started early this year and we began pouring the almost 6,000 CY of mat foundations in early February.
Valley wide, we’ve come together in a huge way to prepare for these large volume pours. We could not do any of this without our excellent team of drivers, our QC group, our Field Service Reps, and last but CERTAINLY not least: our miracle workers in concrete dispatch!
We just finished our last mat slab pour on 03-06-21 and now we’re going vertical!! 12 levels of post tensioned concrete, first pour scheduled for mid March. Construction is scheduled to be complete mid 2022.

Fox Hollow

Project was designed to install a “lighter Material” to keep hillside from continuing to slide down the hill
Remove Sunken Roadway, Excavate Slide area to approx.. 16 feet depth, Install geogrid for rock base.
Install Geofoam blocks, Backfill with agg base, Pave roadway, new stripping.