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City of Eugene now owns 16 Acres of riverfront property that until now was home to EWEB for many years. Riverfront Park will cover a 3 acre section of the property. The new park will include new bicycle and pedestrian paths, seating and river overlooks, as well as a wide variety of art work and decorative concrete features. The larger plan for the Riverfront neighborhood includes a 1- acre park plaza that will house retail space, food cart access and active public space. It also includes a parcel that has been designated for an affordable housing development that will hold no fewer than 75 housing units.

The Riverfront Park Project started in early June and is expected to be completed by late 2021.The Riverfront Infrastructure project which is making way for the additional downtown riverfront neighborhood has also gotten off to a good start. We can expect to see a lot of concrete paving and sidewalk/curb/ADA construction taking place throughout late winter and early spring of 2021.


Our relationship with RiverBend Materials started back in 2001. Through multiple projects we continue to work with them for quality aggregate products, paving services, and continued elevated customer service.

Mike Zollner / Project Superintenden

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